DynoDrome Tuning Promo

May-day May-day…to celebrate the month of May, we are lifting the lid of the long awaited DynoDrome Ecu Tuning & Racing Parts local promo. Promo pricing is as follows:
VAG 4-cyl:
Stage1 (stock turbo setup, stock injectors, no WMI) @ 5000
Stage2 (hybrid turbo, HPFP upgrade, WMI) @ 6500
Stage3 (big turbo application) @ 8500

VAG 5/6-cyl:
Stage1 (stock turbo setup, stock injectors, no WMI) @ 6500
Stage2 (k04 or hybrid turbo, injector upgrade, WMI) @ 7500
Stage3 (big turbo application) @ 9500

Stage1 (revised LC, shift point, shift time, etc) @ 5000
Stage2 (Progressive shift response, torque limit increase, 500nm) @ 6500
Stage3 (Full custom oil pressure for OEM and upgrade clutches, 700nm+) @ 10000

*a further 10% discount is available to clients who purchase a DSG and ECU tune together

IE MQB Gen3 Engine Internals

We have limited quantities of IE MQB engine internals that have arrived and have already been listed on our webstore under the ‘Maintenance and rebuild’ tab.

Integrated Engineering is proud to release several MQB/MK7 2.0T engine internal components to our Volkswagen and Audi customers around the world. These internals are designed to hold the highest power levels and beyond  produced from the latest generation 2.0T EA888 GEN 3 engines. This release includes the internal parts of IE Spec Mahle Motorsport Pistons, IE H-beam and Tuscan I-beam Connecting Rods, Mahle Motorsport Rod Bearings, IE Valve Spring and Retainer Kits, IE Valve Guides, and ARP Head Studs.

Carbon Doctor

We are officially the East Rand agents for the Carbon Doctor service. A brief overview of the service:

Carbon build on valves and inlet port explained:

Due to modern unburned hydrocarbon regulations, vapors from the crankcase are usually vented into the intake stream in order to prevent oil droplets from escaping through the exhaust. In a port injection traditional engine, these droplets are ‘washed off’ the neck of the intake valve by a relatively constant stream of fuel. In a DI (direct injection) engine, the gasoline doesn’t touch the intake side of the valve. As a result, the droplets have a tendency to bake onto the valve and cause significant carbon deposits causing a reduction in performance, rough idling, difficulty starting and eventually bad sealing of the valves. To add to this effect, many advanced DI engines also include exhaust gas recirculation in order to lean out the combustion mixture and reduce in-cylinder temperatures for certain combustion modes (reducing NOx emissions). Since DI combustion has the ability to produce far more soot than premixed combustion (port injection), the problem is magnified.

Even more alarming is that these deposits can dislodge and damage other downstream components (turbochargers, catalytic converters, etc.). Manufacturers have added systems to capture these oil droplets and particulates, but no system is 100% effective. As a result, there are many disappointed early adopters with large repair bills. Cars with as low as 50,000km are affected and benefit from the clean. Even diesel engines haven’t been immune to these issues.

Symptoms of carbon build up are typically:

  • Rough Idle
  • Detonation
  • Leaking valves
  • Power loss
  • Misfires
  • Engine check lights

Weekly Shipments

Due to the huge demand for VAG parts to retail and trade clients, we have resorted to up to two (2) weekly express shipments from North America. This is to supplement our monthly bulk pallet orders.

Due to exchange rate fluctuation and the sheer amount of new products being listed, we are unable to always have our webstore in a current state and request that you mail us for any urgent estimates or to check on stock avaialability.

Should you have any requests, feel free to mail us on sales@darkartz.co.za for the fastest response.