DynoDrome Tuning Promo

May-day May-day…to celebrate the month of May, we are lifting the lid of the long awaited DynoDrome Ecu Tuning & Racing Parts local promo. Promo pricing is as follows:
VAG 4-cyl:
Stage1 (stock turbo setup, stock injectors, no WMI) @ 5000
Stage2 (hybrid turbo, HPFP upgrade, WMI) @ 6500
Stage3 (big turbo application) @ 8500

VAG 5/6-cyl:
Stage1 (stock turbo setup, stock injectors, no WMI) @ 6500
Stage2 (k04 or hybrid turbo, injector upgrade, WMI) @ 7500
Stage3 (big turbo application) @ 9500

Stage1 (revised LC, shift point, shift time, etc) @ 5000
Stage2 (Progressive shift response, torque limit increase, 500nm) @ 6500
Stage3 (Full custom oil pressure for OEM and upgrade clutches, 700nm+) @ 10000

*a further 10% discount is available to clients who purchase a DSG and ECU tune together

One thought on “DynoDrome Tuning Promo

  1. hi
    I have a golf 6r.i would like to do the following:
    1.timing belt replacement with waterpump.
    2.engine service oil and filters fuel filters etc.
    3.dyno tune
    4.i have an engine light which comes on,a mechanic I have consulted said it was due to carbon build up on the manifold,he cleared the light but it comes back on.will this be sorted if I do a carbon clean?


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