Brandon’s stage2+ CTS K04-equipped DTM came in for a few engine upgrades. Having planned this for a while, he finally settled on the perfect combination for the TFSI platform. We decided that a set of IE TFSI rifle drilled drop-in connecting rods, calico big-end bearings, VW ED35 camshafts, and a precise cylinderhead flow- job would help do the trick on his ride.

Brandon had complained about a few gearbox issues and we decided to tear it apart to find that various components were incorrectly assembled by the dealers! This threw a spanner in the works of our timeline as we have to now wait on the arrival of gearbox components.

The DTM will be alive and kicking next week to go through its ‘run-in’ to have it ready for a custom tuning session with Unitronic HQ.

Keep watching folks…