VAG LPFP Plug-n-Play Adapter

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  • Designed for¬†easy¬†Plug-n-Play installation¬†between the factory Low Pressure Fuel Pump (LPFP) controller module (J538) and the fuel sender
  • Eliminates¬†the need to disturb factory wiring when installing a Torqbyte PM3 pump amplifier or a Torqbyte CM5 dual pump controller
  • Compatible with all VAG¬†fuel sending units that use¬†a¬†5-Pin connector Part No. 1K0 919 231
  • Provides 10AWG high-power wiring¬†to the fuel sender minimizing resistance and line losses
  • Designed in Canada, Made¬†in Germany
  • The Torqbyte VAG P-n-P adapter is compatible with all VW and Audi models that use a popular 5-pin fuel sender connector VAG Part No. 1K0 919 231. It is designed to be plugged in line between the factory LPFP control module J538 and the fuel sender in order to replace the thin factory 16AWG wires with much larger 10AWG wires for maximum power transfer.

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