PM3 – High Power LPFP Driver (inc VAG PNP Harness)

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  • Designed specifically for driving high-capacity, aftermarket in-tank Low Pressure Fuel Pumps (LPFPs), such as the Audi¬†TT RS or the Walbro F90000267 without overheating the factory PWM fuel pump control module (J538).
  • PM3 was the first and only LPFP solution on the market that lets the ECU perform¬†complete closed-loop control of the requested fuel system pressure regardless of what aftermarket LPFP the user decides to install. Want to run a 22A, 450LPH Walbro F90000267 E85 pump under full control of your ECU? PM3 will enable that. The ability to use any aftermarket LPFP, while keeping the ECU in complete control of its operation, is a key distinguishing feature not available with any competing¬†LPFP solution.
  • Supports big turbo setups by removing the traditional LPFP fueling bottleneck and¬†permitting the fuel system to hold any¬†ECU-requested pressure.
  • A truly scalable solution.¬†A single PM3 can drive two¬†LPFPs in parallel or multiple PM3s can be installed¬†in¬†parallel¬†to¬†drive¬†banks of high-capacity LPFPs (e.g. in setups with surge tanks). Regardless of the preferred¬†fuel¬†system configuration, the ECU retains¬†complete control of the low pressure fuel system’s¬†operation.
  • Works with any¬†LPFP¬†model¬†that draws less than 36A at peak load and peak duty. With the¬†PM3 you are not sacrificing future flexibility and¬†limiting your options by using a fueling solution that only¬†lets you use¬†one particular¬†LPFP make/model.
  • Works with any ECU tuning package, or even without¬†any¬†ECU tuning at all. With a¬†PM3 you are not sacrificing future¬†flexibility and¬†limiting your options by using a fueling solution¬†that forces you to use only one vendor’s ECU tuning suite.
  • Compatible¬†with voltage boosting modules and new¬†high-voltage LPFPs¬†rated for up to 20V.
  • Integrates¬†seamlessly with the¬†vehicle’s¬†factory systems.
  • Available with an optional VAG Plug-n-Play Harness Adapter¬†that transfers maximum power to the LPFP using thick 10AWG (5.0mm^2) SXL wires – a feature not available with inferior¬†solutions¬†that reuse the factory PWM control¬†module (J538)¬†along with its¬†thin 16AWG LPFP power¬†wiring.
  • Reliable, easy to install and operate.
  • Overdesigned using¬†the highest-quality automotive and industrial grade electronic components that far exceed the operating ratings and endurance¬†of the vehicle’s¬†OEM electronic¬†modules.
  • Built¬†and tested in Canada.

Torqbyte PM3 is an advanced LPFP driver module¬†designed to overcome the challenges of increased fueling in returnless direct¬†fuel¬†injection systems¬†where¬†the ECU and¬†the¬†factory¬†fuel pump pulse width modulator (PWM)¬†control module J538 perform closed loop control of the fuel system line pressure. In these systems, the factory LPFP module J538¬†is only able to¬†drive the in-tank low pressure fuel pump (LPFP) the vehicle was originally equipped with. Higher capacity aftermarket in-tank fuel¬†pumps or factory pumps¬†from the manufacturer’s other models, such as the TTRS LPFP, all draw more current than the factory LPFP control module is able to¬†supply.


Aftermarket LPFP Upgrade

These aftermarket pumps can overload the factory LPFP controller and cause it to overheat. This overloading and overheating results in intermittent pump operation which causes a drop in fuel flow and line pressure thus defeating the whole purpose behind running an upgraded fuel pump. PM3 provides the best and most effective solution to this problem.

PM3 installs between the factory LPFP control module J538 and the upgraded fuel pump to relieve the factory system of the current supply role. PM3 is capable of continuously supplying the aftermarket fuel pump with up to 36A of current. This allows it to drive all of the popular aftermarket pumps such as the Audi TTRS (VAG Part No. 8J0 919 051 E), DeatschWerks DW65v, Aermotive 340 Stealth or the Walbro F90000267 (TIA485-2).

While the PM3 does all the heavy lifting in terms of supplying the required¬†current to the aftermarket LPFP, its electronics replicate the¬†exact PWM control signal being generated¬†by the¬†factory fuel pump controller J538. Torqbyte’s innovative¬†technical solution¬†implemented within the PM3 allows¬†the ECU to maintain¬†full control of the aftermarket LPFP operation and maintain the closed-loop fuel pressure control mechanism¬†that the vehicle was originally designed with.¬†This crucial feature is something that _none_ of the other LPFP “upgrades” currently on the market are able to¬†offer.


Some¬†less sophisticated solutions use a simple Hobbs Switch to activate a second in-tank pump that is¬†strapped to the side of the factory G6 pump. Other solutions over complicate things by trying to monitor¬†the vehicle’s CANBus traffic in order to¬†determine when to activate¬†an externally-mounted, in-line booster¬†pump. Setting aside¬†for a moment the fact¬†that both of these solutions require the user to cut and¬†disturb¬†the factory fuel system plumbing, they both completely¬†bypass the ECU’s pressure control loop and inhibit¬†its¬†ability to control the vehicle’s¬†Low Pressure Fuel System. In doing so, both of these approaches¬†prevent the ECU’s tuning from achieving the¬†desired effect of servoing the pump duty higher or lower in order to maintain¬†the requested fuel system pressure.

Since the¬†ECU, in a vehicle equipped with a Torqbyte PM3, maintains complete control of the vehicle’s fuel system operation, all the familiar pump operating characteristics are retained, such as system priming when a door is opened. As long as the selected¬†aftermarket LPFP¬†is able to meet the flow and pressure requirements of the user’s desired fueling¬†set-up, any fuel line pressure¬†target¬†requested by¬†the ECU tune¬†will¬†be easily achieved.

PM3 appears as a small load to the factory Fuel Pump Control Unit J538, so no fault codes are thrown and the new aftermarket LPFP becomes transparent to the vehicle’s control systems. PM3 is easy to install and comes equipped with a built-in 40A fuse.

On the outside, Torqbyte PM3 is enclosed in a thermally-conductive, CNC machined aluminum enclosure that is hard anodized for maximum durability.

On the inside, Torqbyte PM3’s electronics showcase our top two design goals: Quality and Reliability. PM3’s¬†design relies entirely¬†on industrial-grade electronic components from the world’s leading semiconductor companies including Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Infineon Technologies, STMicroelectronics, ON Semiconductor and Vishay Intertechnology.

Torqbyte PM3 is supplied with SAE J1127 10AWG SXL automotive wire with annealed stranded copper conductors and premium-grade abrasion, chemical and moisture resistant, high temperature Crosslinked Polyethylene insulation.

The optionally-available Torqbyte VAG Plug-n-Play harness adapter comes equipped with the same SAE J1127 10AWG SXL wires to ensure the maximum possible power transfer to your new LPFP.

10AWG LPFP Wiring

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