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A custom tune on the MED9 BOSCH ECU equipped vehicles. We can custom tune for various hardware changes from a basic CAT-removal and all the way to a full motorsport application including launch control, anti-lag, etc. Please feel free to mail us to discuss your exact needs.

Offering not only normal “Stage 1” tuning like other generic brands we go deeper into your engine and gearbox ECU’s to offer more tailored tuning and more unique options on request.

  1. 1
    DPF Removal Software
  2. 2
    EGR Delete Software
  3. 3
    Speed Limiter Removal
  4. 4
    Gearbox Software (DSG / Stronic)
  5. 5
    Launch Control
  6. 6
    No Lift Shift Software
  7. 7
    Adjustable Anti Lag