Press Clutch To Start Bypass Harness


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This harness stops you having to press the clutch to start the engine on a large variety of VAG cars with the same platform (Audi 8P A3/S3, Audi 8J TT/TTS/TTRS, VW Golf mk5+6, VW Scirocco mk3, VW EOS, VW Passat B6, Seat 1P Leon/Leon Cupra/Leon Cupra R, Leon K1 etc).

It is a plug-and-play solution to the problematic TFSI thrust washer wearing caused by having to start certain VAG cars with the clutch depressed. This problem is exaggerated with uprated clutches. Once the problem sets in, the crank and block are then toast, so a new engine is needed.

This is not just for TFSI cars though, it also sops the annoying requirement to press the clutch to start the engine on cars without the TFSI engine (TDI’s/V6’s etc), which lots of people find tiresome!

This kit involves unplugging the electrical plug to the clutch switch, plugging it into the harness, then plugging the harness into the clutch switch. That’s it…no cutting/soldering/messing about with multi meters etc, and it’s reversible if you ever want to remove it (selling the car etc). Cruise control functions, and over-rev protection are still kept fully functional. It comes with comprehensive instructions, which detail fitment, with clear pictures.

It was developed on a UK RHD ’57 plate Audi S3 8P, but will fit pretty much every VAG car of the same era/shape.

Unfortunately it will not work on cars with start/stop.

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