The Doctor’s Seat Leon Cupra K1

It’s possible to like a car too much. Just look at that colour!

This Cupra was originally a VWSA demo car, fitted with the K1 kit from the factory (sans the center-exit exhaust). At 6000km, it was sold to it’s previous owner. Four years later, and after looking at many, many Leon Cupras, this one came home with me on a brisk autumn evening.


Barrelling down the N1 highway, I knew that this was something special. It was rare to find a Cupra in stock form in this country, and yet this untouched example still deployed an exciting amount of power in the outside lane. As is the way with our kind, however, I soon started to change things up.

First thing on order was a fresh set of wheels. I’m a fan of the OEM+ look, so nothing too flashy, and from the VAG stable: Watkins Glens, from an Edition 35.


Soon afterwards, I unleashed the demon that is Unitronic Stage 2+, courtesy of Dark Artz. This really looses the hound that is the K04 turbocharger, and it’s enough to really embarass the expensive cars. You might notice the sticky rubber on the front- Toyo Proxes T1 Sport. The Velocities couldn’t stand up to the assault that is a Dark Artz Cupra.


Since then, there’s been a hefty CTS Intercooler installed, plus plenty more on the cards!


As a parting word- I made this website! If you like it and want your own, get hold of me at!