USP Steel Shift Fork Transmission Upgrade – 6 Speed (O2M / O2Q)

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Ever been stuck in gear and need to pull apart the tranny? Chances are your factory shift fork is broken and needs to be replaced. This happens because the stock shift fork is constructed of weak brass, and is riveted together. Don’t replace your broken transmission parts with the same junk that is going to break again, upgrade it and resolve the problem. These steel transmission forks replace the brass failure points, and the problematic riveted assembly is upgraded with a much stronger and more durable welding process.

If your fork is still holding on, and your dropping your transmission for a clutch or differential upgrade, it is the perfect time for preventitive maintenance. By replacing these while the transmission is already out, you will save yourself hundreds of dollars in labor, and countless hours of your own time. Check out the images below to see how these steel forks will hep fortify your transmission.

Available for 1st-2nd gear and also 3rd-4th gear. Use the drop-down menu to select the one you need. We recommend doing them both while you have the opportunity!

Please note, the factory shift forks on the early 02M transmissions (01-03) have retainers for the factory detents. The USP forks do not have these retainers but, the USP forks will function properly. 

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