Oil Pump Drive Gear For 2L Stroker Conversion using FSI Crankshaft


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This gear is essential when building a 2L stroker conversion for a 1.8t using the factory 2.0 FSi Forged Crankshaft. The factory gear is not available in North America and thus must be imported at considerable cost. 

Installation is the same as the factory piece, pull the FSi one off using a 3 jaw puller, heat the new one until very hot with a torch, and then simply slide into place on the crank snout.

The large chamfer on the inside diameter goes on the “inside” facing the cylinders.

Made from high strength, carburized (hardened) steel.
Converts any 2.0 FSI crankshaft for 1.8t (2L) usage.
Inside diameter honed to exacting tolerances of .0005″
Fits 06A (all transverse, 2000+ longitudal) 1.8t’s using 2.0 FSI Crankshaft
A must when sourcing a crank used or from a discount supplier.

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