Mahle Motorsport/Vandervell Race Main Bearing Set for VW/Audi 4 Cylinder

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With over 70 years of race bearing manufacturing, Mahle Motorsport, formerly known as Vandervell, manufactures the highest quality race bearings available. They have been proven time and time again by F1 race teams, and many other race engine builders. With many special features, these bearings have great wear characteristics added durability. Mahle uses a proprietary tri-metal blend to provide a stiffer bearing under high load use, which is necessary for race engines. Each bearing is designed with state-of-the-art software for the ideal oil film thickness, which adds reliability and greatly reduces the chance of spinning a bearing.

These bearings feature laser marked identification marks, instead of the more commonly seen stamped marks. This allows for better heat transfer from the bearing, and does not disrupt the backing for more even wear.

This set includes 10 half shells, 5 with oiling grooves . The oiling groove is to be installed on the top side of the journal to provide oil to the full journal.

Made in U.K. with F1 technology
Great for high HP engines
5 grooved bearings/5 without grooves
Bearing locating tangs

1.8T 20V
2.0T FSI
1.8L/2.0L 8V
1.8L/2.0L 16V



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