JE 2.0T TSI (EA888.1/2) Piston Sets Stock Stroke 10.3:1CR 83.5mm Bore

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VW / AUDI – VOLKSWAGEN 2008+ 2.0T GEN1/2 TSI (EA888.1 and EA888.2) NOT FOR Golf-R or Audi TT-S.

Std Bore: 82.5mm
*** 21mm Wrist Pin Diameter***
ASYMMETRICAL FSR FORGING NOTE: FSR Series Calculated at “Zero” Deck and .031 gasket
Must remove oil squirters or use adequate spacers on VW/Audi FSR Applications.

9.6:1CR Parts have been designed as direct replacement for factory pistons. 


JE Forged Pistons
These are a complete set of JE pistons for VW/Audi 2.0T TSI (timing chain driven) turbo engines.  JE Pistons make for a stout reliable engine for daily driving, road racing, drag racing, or full out competition racing.  Built to withstand serious performance punishment, JE forged pistons have been specifically designed and engineered for acceleration forces of more than 8000 G’s and directional changes exceeding 200 times every second.  Additionally, each forging is application specific minimizing weight and ensuring a reliable interaction with the rotating assembly.  JE shelf pistons are available in a selection of bore sizes and compression ratios, if you do not see exactially what you are looking for, contact us for a custom piston quote.

JE FSR Forged Pistons
JE’s state of the art FSR forging. FSR forgings reduce mass and wear caused by friction without sacrificing strength.  This is accomplished by using an asymmetrical skirt design instead of the traditional full-round skirt, also this reduces weight significantly.  Designed specifically for boosted applications, FSR forgings utilize a larger, stronger skirt on the side of the piston which receives all the side loading during high pressure combustion process. The opposite skirt is smaller for light weight.  FSR pistons still use a full width wrist pin and optimal large, wide pin bosses to carry the load of a turbocharged engine without wearing or ovaling out the pin bosses. In order to combat in cylinder noise commonly found in lightweight pistons, these feature an offset pin and keep very quiet in the bore.  FSR pistons recieve strict quality control and 23 point post production inspection to ensure exact finish and tolerances in critical areas making the lightest, truely heavy duty piston on the market.  JE FSR design may require oil squirters to be modified or spaced out for clearance on some blocks.

Includes JE wire locks, Pro Seal piston rings, and standard JE wrist pins
No dish deburring or preperation needed
Individually prepared inspection report of dimensional conformity
Each piston individually serialized for complete traceability
23-point post-production inspection conducted by certified personnel
Tighter tolerances on 14 critical areas of the piston
All critical surfaces machined in dedicated Critical Manufacturing Cell

Optional JE Piston Upgrades
Coatings may take 2-3 weeks as they are non-stock

Tuff Skirt ®
JE Pistons trademarked coating Tuff Skirt is a lubricating, anti-friction / anti-wear coating applied to the piston skirt designed to withstand many different types of endurance racing.

Thermal Barrier Crown
The thermal barrier crown coating is applied to the piston dome and is designed to reflect heat into the combustion chamber.  This increases exhaust gas velocity, greatly improves scavenging potential, and extends piston life by decreasing the rate of thermal transfer.

JE Tool Steel Wrist Pins
JE Tool Steel Wrist Pins are through-hardened high-carbon bearing steel for forced induction or nitrous-fed racing applications and offer high-strength with low ductility.  Employing the latest in technology, each pin is checked to ensure the highest quality and roundness.

*Please note these do not fit EA888.3 third gen TSI


Chain-driven TSI and TFSI (EA888.1 and EA888.2) engines in 2009+ VW and Audi Engines (not Golf R or TT-S).

Choose IERHVT2 connecting rods for these pistons.

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