IE Billet Press Fit Timing Belt Drive Gear For 06F/6 Bolt 1.8T/2.0T FSI Engines

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Eliminate the concern of shearing your 2.0T FSI or 1.8T timing drive gear keyway once-and-for-all with this billet replacement.  The factory gears are notorious for coming loose in high RPM conditions, leading to the keyways completely breaking, causing timing belt failure. Along with that, we have seen failures from the powdered metal gears completely disintegrating from small cracks that develop as the bolt is torqued. As a result from these failures, valves bend and pistons become damaged. We offer dowel pin gear kits and ARP crank bolts to help this situation, but they do not eliminate the poorly constructed factory timing gear. With that in mind, we found ourselves back at the drawing board. We knew that there was a better solution for that problem; it would just take some serious work and testing to bring it to the market. With this product, we have completely redesigned the factory interface, removing the weak factory gear and loose-fitting keyway, replacing it with a solid steel gear with a press-fit interface.


Our gears start out as a solid block of steel and get precisely machined into the finished piece, with special attention taken to the area where the gear meets the crankshaft. Our billet replacement offers a press-fit, so the gear is no longer loose on the end of the crankshaft, eliminating any chance of the gear coming loose and shearing the keyway. We finish them with a bright zinc plated finish to prevent against corrosion.

reliable performance

These gears feature the 6-bolt damper interface, so they are a direct fit for 2.0T FSI engines. They are also a direct fit for 06A 1.8T engines when using the 2.0T FSI damper.

Billet steel construction
Press-fit interference, eliminates chance of failure
6 bolt damper interface (uses FSI damper)
Zinc plating to combat corrosion
Includes new damper bolts

Use this along with ARP crank bolt for indestructible timing drive setup!

A note about stock FSI/06F gear ovality:

The ovality (oval shape) of the stock FSI crank gear is designed to increase belt life by reducing total stresses on the belt. This is a great feature for high mileage cars and it allowed VW to push the service interval from 60,000 miles for 1.8T engines to over 100,000 miles for FSI engines. However, in racing applications where horsepower may be several times greater than stock, keeping the timing drive pulley securely attached to the crankshaft is far more important than service interval. Our press fit crank gear works to eliminate problems with broken and cracked powdered metal sprockets, and eliminates issues with them moving around on the nose of the crankshaft. Furthermore, it is not practical to manufacture them with the oval shape from solid round bar stock. Much of the durability is achieved with the IE gear by manufacturing the gear from solid metal stock rather than powdered metal, pressed into a form, like the stock gear.