ARP Heavy Duty VW Audi Flywheel Bolt


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In high rpm, high power engines, fastening the flywheel to the crankshaft becomes increasingly difficult due to the instability of a flexing crankshaft. In extremely high horsepower applications it is not unheard of for the flywheels to actually come off!

These special, heavy duty ARP bolts are uprated from factory units, and are much higher quality and strength. They are made from arp 8740 alloy and feature a 190,000 psi tensile strength. This is for ONE bolt, order 6 bolts for all vw 4 cylinders up to 2008 and 10 bolts for VR6 and most other V6 and V8 VW / Audi applications.

190,000 psi tensile ARP 8740 Bolt
A must for high horsepower builds
Fits all VW / Audi with manual transmissions. Does not fit DSG flywheels.

This is for ONE bolt, 6 required for 4cyl 1.8T or FSI (2006-2008), 8 are required for TSI/TFSI (2008-2014) and 2.7T, 10 required for 6 and 8 cyl (VR6, R32, etc)


1) Follow manufacturer specification for flywheel bolt tightening pattern.

2) Torque to 75ft/lbs with red Loctite.

3) Do not use washers – ARP is not responsible for failure resulting from using a washer with this bolt.

4) Make sure that flywheel bolt holes are chamfered adequately to clear radius under the head of bolt.

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