ARP 1.8T Head Stud Kit 10mm

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A good quality head stud kit for the 1.8t engine. This engine is a tricky one to make studs for because of the very tight access to the nuts. ARP has finally launched a stud kit in addition to their bolt kit for this engine. The studs offer easier assembly, and are only loaded with minimum torsion when they are tightened. This makes them even better in that they achieve the required clamping force more reliably. The downside is they do cost a bit more then the equivalent ARP bolt kit. They are totally reusable and fit all 2000+ 1.8t engines with 10mm threaded bolts. Features High strength eliminates chances of headgasket problems Totally Reusable Includes ARP Moly Assembly Lube ARP 204-4103

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