CTS Turbo Intake Kit for F20/F21/F22/F23 M135i, M235i

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After a lengthy R&D process CTS Turbo is happy to release our new air intake system for the N55 equipped F20 BMW M135 & M235’s!  This is the premier intake for your F20 N55.  Why?  Because almost every other intake on the market will cause poor running conditions as a result of an incorrectly shaped MAF housing.  What do we mean?  Your factory MAF housing is shaped like a hexagon, when you use a circular housing in place of the hexagon undesirable side effects occur such as incorrect MAF readings, eratic idling and downshifting (particularly noticable on the ZF automatic equipped cars), and last but not least POOR FUEL MILEAGE.  The reason for this is “DME” (computer) is not getting correct air flow readings due to the incorrect shape of the MAF Housing.  What did we do to fix this?  We tested developed and cast our own proprietary aluminium MAF housing in a hexagon shape to ensure that your car can meter air as well as it can in stock form.  The OEM air scoop works in conjunction with our airbox to seamlesly force cold air into our air intake system.  Air then flows through our 3.5″ high flow air filter, which utilizes an inverted cone design for maximum engine breathing.  Our 3.5″ CNC mandrel bent aluminum intake pipe allows for smooth entry of cold air directly into the the engine, minimizing turbulence from unnecessary connections. All of the components included in the CTS air intake system work flawlessly together to provide increased horsepower and torque throughout the entire power band and an aggressive race inspired sound.

NOTE: This intake can fit both Manual and Automatic transmission equipped cars.

Peak power gains range from 10-15HP on an otherwise stock vehicle.

Product Details:
– CTS Turbo Proprietary Aluminium OE style Hexagon shaped MAF Housing
– Mandrel bent large bore 3.5″ aluminum piping with black powder coating
– Coveted Laser etched //CTS Turbo logo
– 3.5″ Reusable air filter with inverted cone design
– 4 Ply silicon connectors with stainless steel clamps
– Powder coated air box
– Bracketry and hardware to prevent rattling under engine torquing

Application Guide:

BMW M135
– 2012+ F20/F21 M135i/iX

BMW M235
– 2014+ F22 M235i
– 2016+ F87

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