Supertech 2.0T TSI Valve Spring/Titanium Retainer Set

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An absolute must for anyone wishing to stretch the powerband of their 2.0T TSI engine out past 7500 rpm or so safely. These take a two pronged approach by increasing the spring rates meanwhile reducing the mass of the retainer, by using titanium. The use of titanium provides an adequate fatigue life to be acceptable for all but the highest mileage street use. These will allow usage over 8000rpm.

This is for a complete set of 16 springs and 16 retainers

2012+ engines use a new style rocker with larger “fingers” that interfere with the retainers. If using in the new engines, rocker arms must be modified or replaced with old style. Please double check to see if you engine has the new style rocker arms before purchasing.

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