Ferrea Valve Spring/Retainer Kit 2.0T TSI

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Ferrea is one of the most known names when it comes to valvetrain. That is because they make the finest quality valvetrain available! Ferrea valvetrain is trusted by the top racing teams around the world. Formula 1, Nascar, indy, drag racing, and road racing teams all utilize Ferrea valvetrain in the world’s highest performing engines. It is definitely a notch above the rest. Heavy duty valve springs will prevent valve float at higher rpm. Titanium retainers will help keep the weight down, while providing extra strength.

Valve springs and retainers are a MUST for high revving engines!

This is a COMPLETE set of Ferrea high performance valve springs, and titanium retainers.

Will fit all VW/Audi TSI 2.0T engines!

This kit includes revised components that will not interfere with the rocker arms.

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