Ferrea Exhaust Valve Set TSI (Super Alloy)

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Ferrea is one of the most known names when it comes to valvetrain. That is because they make the finest quality valvetrain available! Ferrea valvetrain is trusted by the top racing teams around the world. Formula 1, Nascar, indy, drag racing, and road racing teams all utilize Ferrea valvetrain in the world’s highest performing engines. It is definitely a notch above the rest.

What are Super Alloy valves?

Ferrea’s Super Alloy valves are made from an extremely heat resistant alloy, that is specifically designed for forced induction and nitrous applications. They have become very popular due to the resistance of high exhaust gas temperatures. This alloy has experienced a great deal of success because it was specifically designed for these applications.

This is a complete set of EIGHT Super Alloy exhaust valves.

Will fit all VW/Audi 2.0T TSI engines!

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