DAP 02E (6-spd) DSG Oil Cooler Upgrade

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Our Dark Artz Performance upgraded DSG oil cooler is designed for your VAG 02E transmission.
The OEM system employs a heat exchanger that is ‘cooled’ by the engine coolant system; this is not ideal.

Our upgrade employs a billet heat exchanger (CNC locally manufactured) and a front-mounted 17-row external oil cooler. Thus the DSG oil temps are reduced by 15-20*C, as the engine coolant is no longer impacting on the DSG oil, and the oil cooler radiator receives a direct channel of airflow as it is front-mounted.

Installation of this kit can be accomplished with basic tools and does require trimming of the crash bar (no severe impact on structural integrity was noted).

DAP DIY rating for the difficulty of the installation: 7/10


  • You will need an additional litre of DSG fluid to complete this installation.
  • We highly recommend combining this installation with the CTS B-Cool Billet DSG Filter Housing (CTS-HW-0223) which is available on our webstore.