This proprietary DATA cable connects the JB control box to your laptop for use with our new datalogging, tuning, and map loading software. Cable may be left in engine bay and routed in the window or door when needed for a simple install. Alternatively it may also be routed behind the ECU in to the glove box for a clean install and on the fly access. Please do not attempt to use a standard RS232/USB cable with the JB as it will not work and may damage the processor. All JB software is posted on

Carbon Doctor Inlet Clean (8-Cylinder)

Carbon build on valves and inlet port explained:

Due to modern unburned hydrocarbon regulations, vapors from the crankcase are usually vented into the intake stream in order to prevent oil droplets from escaping through the exhaust. In a port injection traditional engine, these droplets are ‘washed off’ the neck of the intake valve by a relatively constant stream of fuel. In a DI (direct injection) engine, the gasoline doesn’t touch the intake side of the valve. As a result, the droplets have a tendency to bake onto the valve and cause significant carbon deposits causing a reduction in performance, rough idling, difficulty starting and eventually bad sealing of the valves. To add to this effect, many advanced DI engines also include exhaust gas recirculation in order to lean out the combustion mixture and reduce in-cylinder temperatures for certain combustion modes (reducing NOx emissions). Since DI combustion has the ability to produce far more soot than premixed combustion (port injection), the problem is magnified.

Even more alarming is that these deposits can dislodge and damage other downstream components (turbochargers, catalytic converters, etc.). Manufacturers have added systems to capture these oil droplets and particulates, but no system is 100% effective. As a result, there are many disappointed early adopters with large repair bills. Cars with as low as 50,000km are affected and benefit from the clean. Even diesel engines haven’t been immune to these issues.

Symptoms of carbon build up are typically:

  • Rough Idle
  • Detonation
  • Leaking valves
  • Power loss
  • Misfires
  • Engine check lights


CTS Turbo Dual Port Boost Tap

Need a vacuum source for that boost gauge or external wastegate or both?  The CTS Turbo TSI/FSI/Golf R boost tap makes installation of gauges, external wastegates and anything else requiring a boost reference a snap.  The CTS Turbo boost tap allows the user to maintain the OEM PCV system.  All boost taps come in machined/polished look.


Dual port boost tap allows for multiple boost references
CNC machined from 6061 Aluminium
Brass plug included fitting and gasket included
O-rings included for great seal
Retains factory PCV system

CTS Turbo MK7 Billet Torque Arm Insert Type 2 (2016)

CTS Turbo introduces the billet torque arm insert for 2016 VW/Audi MQB models. This insert is for vehicles with production date after Sept 28, 2015.

This billet insert is designed to reduce engine movement while shifting or accelerating.
Insert effectively cancels drivetrain slop and movement and does not introduce any vibrations or harshness (even at idle or engine start).

The billet insert is made in house from high quality T6061 aluminum and anodized black for years of problem-free operation.
The installation is simple, only requiring basic hand tools. Simply undo your factory torque arm bolt, insert the part and reinstall the bolt and torque to 74ft/lbs (100 Nm)! Simple as that.

Believe us, the difference in driveability and performance will be amazing.

This insert fits 2016 only VW/AUDI MQB models, however we recommend you check on your vehicle before ordering. Production date after: 28-09-2015.

  • MK7 Golf/GTI/Golf R (after production date Sept 28, 2015)
  • 8V Audi A3/S3 (after production date Sept 28, 2015)
  • MK3 Audi TT/TT-S (after production date Sept 28, 2015)

IE Billet 4140 Main Caps (STD)

These VW 4 cylinder main caps are carefully crafted, in-house, from USA 4140 alloy steel. They provide extreme rigidity to the main bearing and crankshaft, which is a necessity for high horsepower engines. In addition, the large profile and high strength material is much stronger and stiffer than the factory main caps.

If you are using a girdle, please purchase our Tall Boy VW 4 Cylinder billet main caps.

Requires machine work including line bore & hone for fitment.

JB VW Stage 1 Performance Tuner BETA

JB VW Stage 1 BETA EA888 Gen3 MQB 1.8T, 2.0T for 210hp, 220hp and 230hp

Power Gains: 35whp and 45ft lb with 91AKI 95RON octane with + 4.75psi boost over stock. With bolt on’s, higher octane and boost adjustment (using optional USB DATA cable) vehicles have shown 45whp and 65ft lb. Example dyno graph is an intake, downpipe and JB Stage 1 with +5.25psi and 91 graph over bolt on GTI.


• 2015 VW MK7 Golf 1.8T
• 2015 VW MK7 Golf GTI 2.0T & Performance Pack US Spec
• 2013 VW MK7 Golf GTI 2.0T & Performance Pack ROW
• 2015 Audi A3 8V 1.8TFSI
• 2015 Audi A3 8V 2.0TFSI
• 2015 Audi S1 2.0TFSI
• 2015 Audi TT 8S
• 2015 Skoda Octavia vRS

JB VW Stage 1 BETA EA888 MQB Gen3 2.0T for 280hp, 293hp and 300hpPower Gains: 35whp and 40ft lb with 91 octane with +4.75psi boost over stock. With bolt on’s, higher octane and boost adjustment (using optional USB DATA cable) vehicles have shown 75whp and 70ft lb. Example dyno graph is an intake, downpipe and JB Stage 1 with +6psi and 93 over stock 7R.Applications:
2013 Audi S3 8V All markets
2015 Audi TTS 8S
2014 VW MK7 R All markets
2015 Seat Leon Cupra 280hp

Under Development:
2013.5 VW Jetta GLI/ Passat 210hp 207lb-ft
2015 VW Scirocco 2.0T 210hp 280nm
2015 VW Polo GTI

JB4 VW Performance Tuner

The JB4 is a true user adjustable plug and play solution for all MQB based models in the VW Audi Group range. Power Gains: Starting at 45bhp and 45ft lb with 91 octane/95Ron with + 4.50psi boost over stock on the default setting. Up to 100bhp and 70ft-lb with bolt on modifications, higher octane and boost adjustment with the optional BMS Data Cable.

The JB4 BETA features CANbus connectivity for more advanced tuning, direct AFR control, advanced safety systems for boost, air/fuel ratio, fuel trims, and engine knock, boost mapping by gear for improved traction, integrated water/meth control, and much more.

The unit can be used with our JB4 Bluetooth Connect kit providing for full in car engine parameter display, map switching and adjustment The JB4 Beta can also be stacked over a flash tuning allowing for fine tuning as well as meth control with safety measures in place and full logging. Resources: General user discussion forum with detailed description of unit: