Integrated Engineering Submerged 044 Billet Surge Tank WITH PUMP

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Integrated Engineering’s¬†innovative surge tank design is essential on modified cars requiring higher fuel output, where¬†effective scavenging is a must, and a fuel cell is not possible. ¬†This surge tank works inline¬†with your current¬†fuel system by filling up with fuel from the OEM in tank pump. ¬†The secondary large fuel pump inside the surge tank¬†draws from this reservoir providing a constant flow. ¬†Fuel is only returned to¬†the main tank when the surge tank is 100%¬†full, thus providing a steady supply of fuel. ¬†This surge tank solution far exceeds the engineering in found in traditional¬†surge tanks, solving multiple problems versus mounting the pump outside a tank. ¬†This surge tank houses the popular¬†and high flow rate Bosch “044” pump, keeping it submerged over 75% inside the tank. ¬†Using the fuel to submerge the¬†pump will muffle¬†the noisey pump, provides cooler pump operating temperatures for longer life, and ensure the pump will¬†have fuel even on steep turns or accelerations where the OEM pump could experience fuel starvation.

Our surge tank is meticulously designed and machined specifically to safely house the 044 pump using the factory pump mounting system, ensuring fuel stays inside the tank.  This is accomplished via a carefully engineered, CNC machined front cover plate. This machined front cover accepts the Bosch pump in with an O-ring seal. It also provides 3 -6AN O-Ring Boss inputs / outputs for your plumbing, providing a leak proof seal without any nasty pipe threads. Pump Cutaway
The back of this plate is fully pocketed out to remove excess weight. A red anodized cnc machined clamp plate is included which retains the pump in place. ¬†The 3 -6 O-Ring Boss inputs/outputs can be customized for a large variety of fittings to meet your requirements for mounting such as AN bends, straights, stainless hose connections, push lock hose, hardline, etc… cutaway
Optional Corrosive Fuel Upgrade:
Running E85, methonal, or race ethonal mixtures?  Optional corrosive fuel upgrade is available to keep your surge tank healthy and a clean supply of fuel to your motor.  The interior of the tank is treated with a special anodizing process that will protect the alloy from damaging fuels.  Corrosive fuel upgrade is available above.
Corrosive Upgrade

What else is needed:
A Bosh 044 pump is included in this package, already have one?
Purchase Surge Tank without a pump here
Inlet/Outlet fittings not included
Purchase Optional -6AN O-ring boss to -6AN fittings (3 needed)

The Bosh 044 pump is a high flow pump capable of powering fuel setups to 650BHP,
for more powerful setups a twin pump design is available.
Integrated Engineering Dual Pump Surge Tank With Pumps
Integrated ENgineering Dual Pump Surge Tank No Pumps 

Innovative submerged pump design
Pump included
3  -6AN O-Ring Boss fuel ports
Red Anodized pump clamp plate included
Black wrinkle powder coated for durable finish
Pump mounting hardware, O-ring, and assembly lube included
Vibration damping mounts and mounting hardware included

1.5L Capacity

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Weight 4 kg