BMW OBD-II Breakout Adapter for CM5-LT

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  • Breaks out RPM and GROUND connections from OBD-II Connector in BMW vehicles to the CM5-LT Water Methanol Controller.
  • Plug-n-Play¬†operation¬†eliminates the need to disturb the factory¬†wiring.
  • Male-Female¬†construction¬†allows for unobstructed¬†use of the OBD-II port for coding, tuning¬†and diagnostics.

CM5-LT is one of the most popular Water Methanol Injection (WMI) controllers for gasoline and diesel powered BMW vehicles.

Its powerful¬†engine load¬†approximation algorithm makes it¬†the controller of choice for savvy BMW tuners tired of primitive “progressssive” controllers or other inferior solutions that¬†add¬†WMI control¬†functionality as just a value-added afterthought.

CM5-LT integration in BMW vehicles is extremely easy because BMW brings out¬†a clean square RPM signal to the vehicle’s OBD-II port.

All that is needed in any MY2000 or newer BMW chassis is to access the following connections:

OBD-II Pin 5 -> Black (GND) -> CM5-LT Pin 4
OBD-II Pin 9 -> Yellow (RPM) -> CM5-LT Pin 10

BMW OBD-II Connections

PLEASE NOTE: The Orange Wire at location 1 provides a switched IGN source in only a handful of models. Majority of users will need to source a switched IGN signal from somewhere else in the vehicle.

Obviously it’s undesirable to modify the vehicle’s OBD-II connector or insert pins into the connector that can render it unusable for other port tools or cables.

This Torqbyte OBD-II breakout adapter makes CM5-LT installation in BMW cars quick and easy. The wires are color-coded to the CM5-LT Input/Output harness and the supplied sealed splices ensure a secure and durable connection.

The adapter is designed as a male-female passthrough. With is male end plugged into the vehicle’s OBD-II port its female end can¬†accept usual OBD-II port hardware.